Meet Harmony Woodington, CHt

Why did you create Awakened Body?

Awakened Body was a direct result of my own healing journey. I was raised in a dysfunctional family and needed support to seek a resolution and heal from my own trauma. I worked with psychologists and didn’t find the answers I was seeking in the traditional model that was presented to me by society. I went on a path seeking alternative practitioners and found hypnotherapy and energy healing. Within those modalities, I found my power, learned to self-love, and was able to create a beautiful life and teach others in my community how to do the same.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been a student of the mind and have been passionate about learning what makes people tick. After walking my own healing path, I decided it was time to invest in my education and put myself in a place where I could hold space for others’ expansion. I trained in Hypnotherapy at the HMI College Of Hypnotherapy and certified in Pranic Healing, which was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, and Emotion Code and Body Code through Dr. Bradley Nelson.

After doing my training, I started working with clients to gain practical experience. I quickly came to the realization that I needed to create a holistic program that blended modalities to help my clients get resolutions in all areas of their lives. This is how The Love Magnet Program was born. From 2015 until the COVID lockdown, I was walking clients through the program in person, one-on-one in my treatment room. The program started out as a 3-month long path that clients would walk with me. Since that time it has grown into a year-long program. My clients were seeing success and moving on in their lives, and it was amazing to watch them shift from pain to growth to contribution in their own communities.

Ultimately, what made me start my business was my passion to help others once I found resolution. I have always enjoyed taking care of others. I was a skin therapist running a spa before I became a personal expansion specialist. I have always wanted to heal and take care of others. Becoming a Professional Expansion Specialist has helped me do this on a level that is much more than skin-deep!


What inspired you to be a business owner?

I have always had an entrepreneurial mind. When I was 12 I started my own business babysitting. I recruited local girls and put fliers out and we serviced all the families in the area with babysitters. I always knew I was meant to be a business owner. It just took me time to develop myself, and my confidence, do my own internal healing work, and really find the thing that made my heart sing. This business; helping people find long-lasting resolutions so that they spread love in their own communities, is that thing. I feel like this is what I was put on this earth to do. I am here to teach Self-Love. I am passionate about it and if you let me I will talk for hours about it! 

What is your business vision/mission?

My business vision is deeply tied to my personal mission: I am here to flood the earth with love. I teach those I work with to create a harmonious relationship between mind and body; create a self-loving relationship with themselves; question the programming they internalized growing up; design a life that will make themselves happy; and invest in their passions and find something that will let them uniquely contribute to the world in the way that only they can. So many people have a dream of doing something to help people. But they’re paralyzed when it comes to getting started. They don’t have the self-worth to invest in themselves and their dreams. They just need a cheerleader who will guide them on a path to see how to make their dreams a reality. I have seen the results in my clients, and I genuinely believe that the more people I can teach to love themselves and see their potential in themselves, the better place the world will be. 

Mental health is a huge component of well-being. The world today is filled with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, suicide, and fear of interaction after being shut down for so long. Now is the most important time for time and energy to be placed into initiatives that are supporting mental health and holistic well-being from all angles. My clientele is entrepreneurs who are either struggling in business or want to start their own businesses. In working with me they learn how to lead a business and create a positive, loving culture. An environment created in service of others where people can come to work and be honored and given opportunities to thrive. The more businesses that are being created with a loving positive environment, the longer people will last in their jobs, the healthier people will be, and ultimately the more productive they will be – the founders will be more likely to meet their own social and economic goals. We need to work together to create more positive work environments that are all-inclusive. Environments that honor individuals and their needs so that they have the support they need to thrive and be successful. I believe that supporting business founders to establish their businesses in this way ultimately supports well-being and long-term, sustainable economic growth.

If you want to learn more about working with me, book a Discovery Session and we can get you started on the right path for you.