Abundance Strategy

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Abundance Blocks

“How To Bust Through Abundance Blocks To Create What You Want In Your Life With Balance And Ease”

Have you taken all the time to take the courses, and learn the strategies to create success? 

You have put all the systems and processes in place and yet for some reason, things are happening for you yet and you don’t know why? 

Do you feel like you are running yourself into the ground and you’re not manifesting the wealth you so strongly desire? Do you have a list of amazing things you want to do to help the world if only you had the abundance to do it? 

Join me in a Love Arena where I will hold space for you and your journey with Unconditional Love and 0 judgment. We will do an Abundance Assessment so we can create clarity on what is holding you back in regards to trapped emotion, subconscious programs and more. We will set clear goals and a vision that will 

Work with me and I will work with you by helping you get clear on all aspects of your abundance. You will gain clarity on where you are right now. What is blocking you from creating the abundance you seek. You will also gain clarity on what you really want to create in your future in fine detail. 

I will help you tap into the brilliance of your own mind. Discover the power you have always had to create your own life by design. I will also help you create a harmonious relationship with your mind so you can dance with your beautiful mind. You will learn to tap into the knowledge of your worth which will support you in investing in your wishes and dreams. 

You will create clear goals and we will work together to make sure there is nothing standing in your way of achieving your goals. We will also use the power of your subconscious mind to see your dreams and goals become a reality.

Are ready to Gain clarity as to what is holding you back, Update programs that have been creating a negative relationship with money, and create clear goals that will support what you want to create in your life?


I Also Understand that When

I get 7- Live online 1-on-1 sessions with Harmony Woodington C.Ht. on

“Abundance Strategy “, which includes:

  • Create a powerful relationship with your mind and body.
  • Take a time out and learn powerful tools that will help you create more clarity and give you direction
  • The absolute best way to take control so you have created long-term sustainable success
  • We are also going to take you through a process that is going to leave you feeling recharged, refuelled and ready to take on the world.
  • Tools to learn how to work with your brilliant mind instead of feeling like it’s working against you.
  • We are going to support you by releasing what has been burdening you, overloading you so you can start to see your way through the clouds.

I Also Understand that When

I ACT NOW, I Also Get…

Bonus #1- The Self-Love Journal

Do you wish that YOU weren’t the lowest on your priority list?

Do you want to love yourself more and take better care of yourself?

Then this journal is for you!

Join Clinical Hypnotherapist Harmony Woodington in a 30-Day Self-Love Spree with

the Self-Love Journal. With daily, weekly, and end-of-month check-ins, this 30-day journal will help you get on track to living the life of your dreams.

Bonus #2- Abundance Assessment

Walk through this amazing online assessment that will give you and Harmony Woodington clarity on what we need to do to support you in creating a healthy relationship with Abundance. If you have never done a Self-Love assessment before, this is going to be really enlightening. 

Bonus #3- Love Warrior Tribe 

You will have access to Awakened Body Group Coaching for the duration of the time that you are in 1-on-1 coaching with Harmony Woodington C.Ht. You will join a like-minded tribe of Divine Beings who are all working together to create unconditionally loving relationships with themselves. We meet weekly so you will have an extra bonus session every week by joining the group coaching for added support. 

Bonus #4- Connect with your Inner Leader

Come out of this visualization feeling strong, confident and having the constitution to lead the way to success. The foundation for your success is in knowing your worth. Take the space and time you need to develop that confidence, self-love, and sense of worth you need to be strong when you are tested. Download this visualization now to connect with your inner leader. 

P.S. – Every minute you wait to get “Abundance Strategy” is another minute you will lose time spinning your wheels because when you are high emotion you are low logic. Let’s get you back to the mindset you need to be effective. Put the power of “Abundance Strategy” to work for you so you can quickly and easily Gain clarity as to what is holding you back, Update programs that have been creating negative relationships with money. , and Create clear goals that will support what you want to create in your life. !

P.P.S. – But don’t just take my word for it… take a look at these testimonials from happy Entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed just like you!

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Before commencing my journey with Harmony, I was emotionally closed off to life and people. Past experiences made this seem like the most logical choice. I only lived and processed with my head never giving any thought to how I felt. A great friend of mine casually introduced Harmony to me, and my life hasn’t been the same since that day. Working with her through the program she has created has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Learning to let go of past emotional hurts and traumas has been instrumental to me living a full emotionally engaged life. The world is no longer just black and white. It’s full of many beautiful colours and I get to enjoy them with a free and open heart. The program and environment she has created have allowed me to have a simple lifelong compass to guide me through my life journey. I’m no longer lost. I’m guiding my own life and heading forward loaded with tools to go through any circumstance to create the life I desire. Love is from within. Loving myself has transformed me from a boy to a man. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to live an engaged life based on love.

Nqobile Patrick Ndlovu

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YOUNG MOMMY (Clean Rap Artist)  

There is NO ONE like Harmony. She has helped me tremendously in my evolution, especially in the areas of not apologizing for who I am and not caring what others think of me. This is massive because it is the foundation to truly living free! Since hiring Harmony as my coach in March 2022 I have learned so much about how to quickly and effectively tune into and trust my own intuition, how to generate self-love through using her highly effective workbooks, and how to speak my truth unapologetically. This woman walks the talk and yet is humble, reminding her students that she is on the path with us. There is so much to say about Harmony but I will leave you with this: her confidence is incredible, her love for people is unbounded, and her positive energy is contagious. She is a highly skilled CHT specialist and I have benefited SO much from working with her to ultimately heal my past, awaken to my greatness and activate my divine power. Namaste Harmony!

– Young Mommy Music

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With a busy work life and schedule, things had really gotten out of balance. Through working with Harmony she has shown time and time again she is truly there for her clients, consistently and generously holding a loving and healing space. She works at a level very different from most “Counsellors”, with an ability to intuitively guide toward resolution and success. Many times I have sought advice from friends, and then consulted with Harmony who offered completely opposite advice. Yet it was Harmony’s guidance that has always led me to the most positive outcome. I trust her fully and am so grateful to have her as a spiritual guide and a mentor to help with my flow of life and love.

– Charice Parker

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Harmony Woodington has such a wonderful and loving personality that just being exposed to it is refreshing. Her positive energies shone through. I found myself feeling better just “hanging out” with her. I got her free 30-Day Self-Love Challenge and applied it to myself. It was so helpful. A month later I found myself with 5 requests for job interviews! Thank you!

– Wolfhawk (TikTok follower)