Animal Healing

Do you have an animal that needs support?

Has your animal suffered trauma either before you got them or since that that has left clear emotional damage?

Do you have a rescue animal that is clearly exhibiting trauma and you want to know how to help them?

Would you like to learn how to communicate with your animal?


I have worked with animals many times over the years and to be honest, they are so much easier than people. People have ego and logic which gets in the way. Animals when in the presence of a healer immediately run up and ask for help. If you are dealing with issues be they emotional or physical and you are at a loss as to how to help them, try bringing a healer into the picture who can talk to them. 

I have been talking to animals and hanging out with them my whole life. I grew up with animals of all kinds in my home. I have always been really outgoing and had lots of friends growing up and I loved and always had animals that I played with and spent time with. 

Communicating with and understanding animals’ needs has always been easy for me and it wasn’t till I grew up that I realized that others struggled to understand them. Later in life when I was training to help people I was certified in an energy healing modality that included training to heal animals. For the first time in my life, I could talk to them and had the tools to heal them as well. I have been healing any animal that asks for my help ever since.

I have worked with dogs.

If you have a companion you have just rescued and they are not presenting as mans best friend, there might be a very good reason why. I myself have rescued dogs that came to me with the trauma I had to rehabilitate them from which took a long time before I learned how to do the healing work. Once I learned how to release the trauma the shift within the dog was instant.

I have worked with cats.

I have worked with parrots.

I have owned and loved parrots for almost 20 years. Working with these beautiful intelligent creatures is such an honor as they seem to be so misunderstood. Owning and working with a prey animal is so different than owning or working with a predator. I have learned so much about managing my own energy since owning parrots. They are such great teachers.

I have worked with farm animals as well like Alpacas

Learning how they function and getting to know them was such an honor. There is nothing more rewarding than taking an animal who is struggling and at the point where they are ready to exit the planet, and the only thing they really need is a change of scenery.

I have also worked with goats as well.

There isn’t an animal who doesn’t want to be heard and understood. If you are struggling with your animal whether it’s a housemate or a farm animal, I am happy to help. I can come in person if you are local or I can work remotely as well. 

If you would like to work with a healer with a lifetime of experience talking to and loving animals and a decade of experience in healing them then you have come to the right place.