Mental Operating System Update

Have you ever thought your mind is like a computer? 

Your brain functions much like your computer or cell phone. 

Think about your phone, how often does your phone get a software update? 

I don’t even know to be honest because mine is set up to automatically updates at night when I’m not using it. It must be every couple months or so. 

Let me ask you another question. What was the last time you updated your brain’s mental operating system? 

What, you don’t know? 

It’s ok love, it’s not your fault. No one taught us that we have a mental operating system let alone that it needs to be regularly updated to keep it current. The program that you are running is outdated and it’s sabotaging you because it’s not relevant to current events. Some of the information in your operating system was created in your childhood. At the time when it was designed, it was helpful for your survival. However what was a threat when you were 6, is no longer present in your life. The information is still there running in the present blocking you from moving forward to invest in your dreams, follow your passions, create success in all aspects of your life. 

Can I ask you one more question? 

Ok I just did haha 

One more question, do you feel like you have a calling to do something special in this life? 

Is there this dream, desire to do something to help others? 

Oops I said one more and I asked two more. 

I know you are on a path of expansion which is why you are here seeking answers. You might also have a dream and idea that needs to be birthed. For many reasons you keep it close to your chest and you haven’t shared it with the world. I totally respect that. I was there too once upon a time. However if I don’t show up and own my power I can’t help you own your power. Who knows what you can do when you own your power and show up in the world by investing in and birthing your dreams. 

People need what you have to offer. You are unique, one of a kind and what you have to bring to the table is valuable. We need many Love Warriors on this earth. 

The first step is learning how to work with the brilliant operating system you already have working for you. If you are ready to invest in yourself and learn how to be friends with your mind instead of feeling like you are enemies and it’s always out to sabotage you. All you have to do is book a session with me and we can get started. Book your first session with me today and let’s play with the beautiful mind of yours to create your dreams.