Gain insight and clarity into situations that you face. Lily Autumn West offers both short form and long form sessions. Her short-form sessions include Pause and Reflect, and the Classic Three Card Spread. Lily’s long-form sessions allow you to dig deeper and look at big decisions, new starts, and the month and year ahead in much greater detail. Lily’s Readings require advance booking. They come with the following free gifts:

Free Gifts:

Every Reading Comes with these bonuses:
1) How to Prepare for Your Reading – a guide to setting up your physical space and prepare your mental landscape to get the most out of your session
2) The Quickstart Guide to Tarot
3) Photos of your spread
4) Description of the card or cards read and any associated exercises
In Addition, for any readings over $75,
You get a map of the spread that explains what everything means, why we use each space and a customized guide to your reading.