Together, we select and review a single tarot card and discuss its meaning and unique interpretation in regards to your challenge or situation. This is a great way to take a few minutes to reflect before a big day or at the end of an event.

What is the message you need for today? Together we select and review a single oracle card and discuss how it reflects a theme, challenge, something that needs to be released, or an aspect of yourself. Lily guides you through an exercise or guided visualization associated with the card, and provides an affirmation or prayer for you to add to your daily practice.

Experience a tarot card reading for the first time with a three card tarot spread. A straightforward look into a single aspect of your life. Choose either a Past, Present, Future, reading or look at a situation in terms of Theme, Self, Others. Also available at a weekly rate for those who want to set aside time each week to decompress and self-reflect. 

Do you face a challenge, need to make a decision, or just want more information about a situation or aspect of your life? Deeper insight is required. This reading uses the Celtic Cross spread. This six card tarot spread allows you to examine a situation from different angles; the cards are read independently and connected together so that you can gain much deeper insight in an area of your life.

This is our favourite reading for major changes. Whether you’re approaching a new phase, project, partner, or opportunity, it is a time of transformation. This mixed tarot and oracle reading uses several decks and looks at change holistically. This reading helps you get your ducks in a row for a major change, examining aspects of what needs to be released, your desires, and how to manifest them.

Set intentions and set yourself up for the month ahead. Take a look at where you’re at and where you’d like to be by the end of this cycle. This spread uses a combination of oracle and moon cards and tarot.

Our most popular reading to gift! Set aside two hours for this reading. This ambitious spread spans 25 oracle and tarot cards, using multiple decks to examine each area of your life. Developed in tandem with Harmony Woodington’s Birthday Goals Guide, this spread allows you to set intentions for an amazing year. It looks at lessons learned in the previous year, things to look forward to, and health, relationships, career and finances. It also examines each month and provides exercises and affirmations to help set you up for success in the year ahead.