Are you worried about how you are going to teach your child to create confidence, self-worth, in today’s world. I totally respect where you are coming from. They are being bombarded by the media everywhere they turn. The message seems to be telling them they need to be and do something to be accepted in our society and they aren’t enough just as they are. There isn’t a lot of messaging out there that is telling them they are perfect the way they are. All they need to do is create a loving relationship with themselves, discover what they love, find a way to get paid to play, and they will thrive. I want to give you an easy and simple way you can support your children in as little as 5 mins a night before they go to sleep. 

This guideline will help them… 

Create a self-love vocabulary early in life!They will develop the Self-Love and confidence they need to invest in their dreams. They will be able to maintain the fearlessness they have now to jump off the cliff and grow their wings on the way down. They won’t fear rejection as they will know their worthThey will create a habit of self-reflectionThey will learn how to reflect on the most important things in life, learning, growing and expanding. They will focus on the most important love they need in life, their OWN!
Grab the bookmark, let them pick out the perfect journal that they resonate with and teach them what really matters, their relationship with themselves and self-love!

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