Here’s what clients who have worked with Harmony Woodington C.Ht. have to say…

There is NO ONE like Harmony. She has helped me tremendously in my evolution, especially in the areas of not apologizing for whom I am and not caring what others think of me. This is massive because it is the foundation to truly living free! Since hiring Harmony as my coach in March 2022. I have learned so much about how to quickly and effectively tune into and trust my own intuition, how to generate self-love through using her highly effective workbooks, and how to speak my truth unapologetically. This woman walks the talk and yet is humble, reminding her students that she is on the path with us. There is so much to say about Harmony but I will leave you with this: her confidence is incredible, her love for people is unbounded, and her positive energy is contagious. She is a highly skilled CHT specialist and I have benefited SO much from working with her to ultimately heal my past, awaken to my greatness, and activate my divine power. Namaste Harmony

– Young Mommy

“Harmony Woodington is the embodiment of a woman. She has a deep regard for herself and the power she holds. She uses her power to uplift and empowers others. She is profoundly intelligent because of taking life as it is and looking at it from the point of how does this makes sense and how can I improve myself or any involved. She is openly growing. She is sensual, spiritual, and excellent at communicating the big picture. She is compassionate and heartfelt. She will love you openly and without judgment. She is an amazing person that empowers you to be tapped in tuned in and turned on to your passion in life. She is challenging to keep up with and if you’re her friend hang on. It’s a fabulous, fulfilling journey.”

– Alan Ogden Vancouver

This Self-Love Journal has helped me examine my inner self through a lens of love. It helped me define the core me, true me, and also rebuild my confidence in believing in myself with the easy-to-answer prompts. It helped me quickly review the day and reconnect with myself right before going to bed. I love this journal so much that I have purchased and gifted this journal to so many people in my life. This makes healing easier to approach, giving you baby steps to reimagine what is working on a daily basis, while also cementing what you want to dream about. When you can find your way back to YOU, that’s when you can really start discovering who you are, you can start loving yourself, you can build amazing relationships, and create the life you’ve always desired. I highly recommend this self-love journal. Get a copy for yourself and anyone else who is on a self-love journey.

– Jessie Kuar

She has helped me transform my life in sooo many positive ways! I’ve never known another practitioner who offers such a comprehensive system that covers every aspect of your life. You can tell how much she genuinely cares about her clients and wants to see them lead the lives of their dreams! If you want to truly clear you blocks and create a better life, her program is a fantastic deal. I would highly recommend working with her. IT’S 100% WORTH IT!!!

– Carolyn Dyck

She provided a completely safe environment to explore every aspect of my life.

Harmony Woodington C.Ht. helps you break through all your BS and upgrade on COUNTLESS different ways. The impact flows throughout your life and into the Universe.

– Samantha Grobler 

This was an Amazing experience. I learned so much and released many things that in trapped me. Her calm unique way of doing things gave me comfort. Her techniques truly work. I recommend everyone to book with her see for yourself. This was a great experience. everything she said that was wrong was 💯% accurate. You will go away with new tools to incorporate into your daily living for loving yourself and over coming past future and present issues. Thank you again so much for all your help and sharing.

– Lakesha Gardner Thomas

Harmony was instrumental in helping me recenter my energy and love vibration as I reconnected with my Twin Flame soul mate. Harmony offers profound insight into the arena of love and has an intuitive ability that guides one toward successfully finding the love they seek.

– Rick Fischer

With a busy work life and schedule, things had really gotten out of balance. Through working with Harmony she has shown time and time again she is truly there for her clients, consistently and generously holding a loving and healing space. She works at a level very different from most “Counsellors”, with an ability to intuitively guide toward resolution and success. Many times I have sought advice from friends, and then consulted with Harmony who offered completely opposite advice. Yet it was Harmony’s guidance that has always led me to the most positive outcome. I trust her fully and am so grateful to have her as a spiritual guide and a mentor help on my flow of life and love.

– Charice Parker

Before working with Harmony my world was black and white. After starting to work with her my whole world became technicolour!
Harmony is a warrior with her machete carving her way through the thick forest so I can walk a clear path to Success. It’s so much easier creating the results I want in life having her in front of me guiding me along that path she has already carved the way for.

Everyone should experience what it’s like to have her as their guide. For the first time in my life I am truly at peach and I am happy. Now I am actively creating a future by design.

– Nqobile Patrick Ndlovu

I was having and issue with concentrating on life and a future. I had just started into the process of separating and divorce after 13 years of marriage and two kids. This made it very difficult for me accept that there was any possibility of being happy or having a future ever again.

I began realizing that there was a possibility of having a connection with somebody else that wasn’t grounded in romance or sex but in friendship and honesty.

After the trauma of losing a 13 year connection with another human being, I don’t feel lost or hopeless or that there’s no possibility of having a connection with another person on any level.

I know that I can create a new life in service of myself and create a new relationship that is based on a solid foundation.

– Harold Wyman

I had challenges in my long-term romantic relationship. It was starting to feel daunting and wondering how we could ever come to an agreement or any solution.She literally awakened me! She opened my eyes and made me realize it’s okay and perfectly normal the differences my fiancé and I were having. That it’s okay that we respond differently to things. We each have our own role to play and need to understand and respect that. She isn’t following some psychology book or trying to diagnose me and tell me to do this or that. It was just simply how she explained to me that we are perfectly imperfect the way we are and to honour one another regardless of the way we may choose to view things. We complete one another. My favourite word that she uses is “expedite.” She did just that and expedited the process by allowing me to see things from a different light. She truly guided me through a rocky road in my relationship and I’m so grateful for that! I feel emotionally lighter and more understanding within my relationship. I feel at ease knowing there is a solution. Also, having Harmony in my life as someone who can hold space and be of such support, I trust she can guide me through any challenges that may arise. She listens and understands while sharing such wisdom that anyone can implement if they choose to believe and apply what they learn from her.

– Jennifer Zondlo

It’s 4.12am and yes I’ve just woke up really early again!!! and so decided to see what was happening here. Wow what an amazing conversational thread. 💖 I know myself very well and even though I am good at helping people release their emotional pain around loss and grief, I have always felt slightly…..hmmm….ok a lot…. uncomfortable with open displays of love. It makes me cringe inside and I swat compliments away like an annoying fly. I was trying to figure out why. Is it because I’m British and we are more reserved emotionally? Is it because my mother shut down emotionally after my father died when I was very young? Is it because my natural personality is reserved and I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve? Is it because I’m afraid if I give all if my heart I have nothing in reserve to protect myself from being hurt? I think the answer is yes to all of the above. And yet, most of all I’ve never felt so unconditionally loved and accepted just as I am as I do with Harmony and with you all here  A few years, possibly even a few months, ago I would have run a mile from a group like this because I would have found it too uncomfortable. Harmony, you have a way of making others feel they are perfect just the way they are. Thank you 💞 Like all the pieces of a puzzle are different, yet when you put them together in the right way they fit perfectly together and the result is stunning.  We are all different, we are all beautiful, we are all diamonds and we all deserve to be happy, healthy, wealthy and loved. Xxxx


  – Sandra Owen

I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I love  @⁨Harmony Woodington⁩! I really began to question myself and feel bad for letting everything fly out of me on this beautiful group page when I was having an intense moment. For a moment, I felt unsafe, ungrounded, and lost.  I was always told that I was too much, my emotions are intense and people can’t deal. I was afraid that I was too much. Right before I had a conversation with her, I had tears in my eyes. ..She confirmed to me how unconditionally loved I am. That I get to show up however I show up, when, and where I show up. To hold space for me and to love everything about me, all the moments and experiences. She was telling me that my feelings are valid. She asked me the first memory I had Pertaining to this. I told her and she said “do you see that your feelings are valid and to let yourself feel it” Just the love coming from this Divine being and beautiful Goddess is something I haven’t experienced, not with Teachers/healers. So for all of you who are reading this, to confirm, you and I am Divine beings. We are perfectly imperfect and no matter what moment/experience you’re having, hold space, feel and love the hell out of yourself no matter what. This is something I’m Ingesting now and I wanted to share it! Love Love to you all! 😘😘

– Mandy Dollarhide