30 Day Self-Love Challenge Poster

30 Day Self-Love Challenge Poster


Dimensions: 24"x 36"
Empower Yourself to SUPERCHARGE Every Investment You Make in Yourself!"
  • Develop the Self-Love and confidence that YOU need to invest in YOUR OWN dreams. 
  • Annihilate fear of rejection. Learn to jump off the cliff and grow your wings on the way down.
  • Discover your own worth. 
  • Harness the power of your mind to create your dreams.
  • Learn how to update your mental operating system and delete subconscious programs that are paralyzing you with fear.
  • ​Fall in love with YOU.
Put this beautiful poster on your wall where it can be a HUGE daily reminder to inspire you to create a Self-Loving relationship with YOU! The poster will be there every time you walk into the room you chose to place it in reminding you to go pick up your journal and write down the positive things that happened in your day. The things you are grateful for. The things you did to show yourself love today. The things you are doing to create your big dreams. The things that you love about yourself. Creating a daily routine will create powerful habits that will alter your reality in the long term. Don't underestimate what you can create with one simple small change in your daily routine.
"What Can YOU Accomplish in ONLY 5 MINUTES A DAY?"


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