Birthday Goals Guide

Birthday Goals Guide


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Move over New Years, YOUR birthday starts a new year for YOU! The Birthday Goals Guide helps readers create goals that honour their personal year cycles. Join Hypnotherapist Harmony Woodington as she guides you through a book of self-reflection that will help you level up in every area of your life. Featuring over 200 pages of inspirational quotes, prompts, and bonus exercises that Harmony uses with her clients, this guided journal makes the perfect birthday gift for anyone who wants to experience positive change!

The Birthday Goals Guide is broken down into sections which focus on separate areas of your life, allow you to reflect on where you’re at, encourage you to congratulate yourself for what you’re doing well, and develop the next steps to actually attain your goals.

Harmony also shares amazing bonus exercises that she uses to help her clients get in touch with their internal dialogue and update their mental operating systems to create powerful, lasting change in their lives. Be an early adopter in the birthday goals movement! Use The Birthday Goals Guide as your companion.


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